Sunday, April 22, 2007

Leo in Beantown

I forgot to mention the wonderful February trip to Boston, where I met up with my sis and checked into the Royal Sonesta [who? what? me? us? We're not big on hotel chains... we're too snobby AND too cheap] for a mini-vacation. We raided the mini-bar, admired the view and readied ourselves for an evening with Leo Kottke, unmatched acoustic guitarist at Harvard's beautiful Sanders Theatre. Leo was great -- funny and self-deprecating. His verbal noodlings reminded me a little of Spalding Gray* (sigh). His 6- and 12-string guitar music was amazing. While I didn't hear the hoped for "Jack Gets Up" or "Corinna, Corinna," it was all good, with the music honeyed by the wood of the very impressive stage.

* Must get tickets to Stories Left to Tell.

Owl at NH AudubonThe hotel, too, was amazing. Right on the pretty-much frozen Charles River. We had dinner at the better than expected Restaurant Dante. The next morning P. kindly picked us up and whisked us home to Ma and Pa in Edgecomb, Maine. Well, first we took a detour through New Hampshire (not my most favorite state) and stopped off at the Audubon Society (where P. works.)

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