Sunday, August 23, 2009

More from Maine

Dang. Blogger blurred my photo. Oh well, you get the idea... One other thing from Maine trip. There was a mysterious occurrence of a multitude of small holes made in our lovely lawn. We speculated: moose! Gophers a la Caddyshack. P. the expert concluded skunks. I was like, yeah, right. Then one night I awoke to a most horrible smell, overwhelming powerful and putrid. The dog was sleeping in my room and the smell was coming from her, poor dear. I smelled her furry head and recoiled in horror. Skunk!!! I didn't sleep much that night and by the next day the smell had dissipated from both my room and the dog. A Have-a-Heart trap set by my dad has yet to yield a single skunk.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plenitude. And more dogs.

I totally get this dog. You can't see but he was wagging his tail. Not at me, I'm sure, but happy to be in the air-conditioned entryway to the Food Emporium on Greenwich Street. More photos.

Had a great time in Maine with perfect weather and great food and kayaking off Boothbay Harbor, swimming in the pond. . I seem to have lost my "voice" and so ... more pics than words. I think it's the heat/humidity.

Had great fun with the splashy painting below (wherever it lands) which is on a wall near the Highline. It generally takes people 14 minutes to figure out what it actually is. It took me 13, but that was in person.

The ferris wheels (!) were in Bath, Maine. The surreal curve of the Bath Bridge courtesy my iPhone.

I don't watch much dance, though I like it and have danced myself a bit way back when. But I was blown away by the Mark Morris Group performing as part of Mostly Mozart series, with YoYo Ma. Fantastic and inspiring and really not apropos to any photos here but I needed to report.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Dog! Worrywart Walter

I love this dog, man. I was so smitten I forgot to ask what his real name is or what the hell kind of dog he is.
The full dog run here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's dog! Learnings and Apologia

I'm not on hiatus but am taking the dog days of summer to its logical extreme. I'm going to focus on dogs I see and photograph in and around Manhattan's West Village. If I feel like writing about something else, I will. See you in September.

Well, shoot. The really interesting thing about this dog was how BIG he is (XXXL). I need to carry around some object that will serve to indicate the size of these creatures, as it's one attribute that would qualify a lucky canine to be part of this collection (others include odd heads, missing tails, exceedingly large ears, quirky, sad, gnarly, perplexed, bored, giddy or nonplussed expressions, big butts and funny feet). See, I'm not that picky. What will NOT qualify a given dog is "cuteness." That's what the interwebs are for. I'm all about interestingness.

Most people I accost for pictures are very, very nice. None of them so far have looked like their dogs (which is good). I try to project friendliness (easy) and dogged enthusiasm (easy) as well as a love of dogs (I like them okay). I never approach if a dog is doing his business -- and won't even wait for it to be over; I just move on and pretend that sort of thing just doesn't happen in a civilized society in the 21st century.

So far so good. The west side of Manhattan seems to have a preponderance of interesting dogs, which does reflect well on its renowned diversity.

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