Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Ineffable Henry

Let me introduce you to O. Henry Skittles Thompson, the newest addition to my household. He's a new friend for Petey (who, at posting, is somewhat disturbed). Henry is from the Bronx by way of the Union Square Petco and the great cat rescuers of Kitty Kind.

So far, Henry won't sit still for pictures. He is six weeks old and already a Yankees fan (he's watching the Mets v. Yankees game as we speak.)

I'm a little nervous because of Petey's initial reaction (trepidation, a little bit of hissing, which he's never done). Pics here of him, as well as MeMe (rest in peace) and Ann from next door who is a great friend to cats and a tireless cat rescuer and babysitter.
The Yankees Win!


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