Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I will never be a television critic. I feel sordid just dwelling on the fact that I watch so much the small amount I do. Of course, those who know me know I only watch PBS and the Philosophy Channel. Just kidding. That felt good. And no, there is no Philosophy Channel (why? why?!). P. (a snob) asked me recently what I watched these days.

Current addictions: Weeds (always surprising, occasionally hilarious, and I'd watch anything starring Mary-Louise Parker), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Damages (relatively clever intrigue with Glenn Close and Ted Danson), Rescue Me (soo new yawk), any cooking-oriented reality show, Entourage. I tried Californication and really enjoyed it but I'm from New England and I think that's the one that made me feel sordid.

The trouble with cable is a) you have to remember what channel the shows are on, if you're hamstrung with TWC's lame DVR and b) the associated websites seemed designed to confuse and make sure you'll never know when the next new episode is on. Sigh.

Conspiracy theory filter... Fact: The "good" shows are almost universally now on at 10 pm. Fact: The people who watch them are supposedly "educated," from blue states and on average work the white-collar 9-to-5. Fact: The shows that are made of cotton candy -- if not FOX-created propaganda -- and which melt the mind and alter the sensibilities of millions of Americans every day are on early prime time (we won't speak of daytime tv). Fact: It's a scientifically proven fact that lack of sleep can lead to permanent brain damage (I'll find a source on this right away). You do the math. Rupert Murdoch wants to make us stupid and pliable. Ok, more stupid and pliable. Tell me it doesn't seem to be working. Of course, this theory only works if the cable programmers are in on the game. Who knows? I'm too tired to figure it out.


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