Sunday, September 9, 2007


The only cure for writer's block -- for me, anyway -- is art. Creating art. Even if it's not-so-good art. For starters, I've begun my new series, Patterns. There will be a new installment each year. Or possibly each season. Essentially, the squares are patterns curently in my life -- my notebook, my mouse rug; my skirt, my shirt, my shopping bag, a bas-relief on my wall, a fancy shoe, a plant, detail from a discarded earing-collection immortalized in plaster of Paris (writer's block project from 2002). Larger view.


Jeannie said...

Holy cow, love the pattern-Project. I think it ought to be monthly if possible. I will be standing by for the latest installment. Makes me want to pinpoint all the patterns I carry around, wear and possibly eat ! too good. More, more more.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Hot Mama. I be from Chi-Town, like Hef. I think patterns are cool, but please dedicate some time to the appreciation of classical feminine bootyilicious beauty, American style. AKA Holly Madison from Alaska. If you have a little spare time, I'd like to see some drawings and paintings of her fab face and wild body. As always, you remain my hot bootylicious Babe. Love you baby. Say Hi to your # 1 dude, and stay cool(io), love, Joe

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