Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ew: Eaten by Cats

Wow. This was exactly what I didn't need to read this early Sunday morning. I'm trying to type and eat my oatmeal while O. Henry and his new pal Sausalito (Salsa, for short) wrestle loudly in the bathtub. I picked up Salsa yesterday from Kitty Kind in order to give Hen a friend. Salsa's very cool and was easily the most popular at Petco yesterday (I kept having to tell people not to get too attached as she was coming home with me -- I really meant keep your kids' grubby hands off her).

Ok, this is ... um... fun. My photo of the late le Pescadou restaurant made it onto a nifty little site called (exclamation NOT mine) Schmap!! (with my permission) along with a nice description of the LATE and lamented restaurant which hasn't been there for months and months. Oh well. You'll see the photo if you allow the page to load... or just click here, which may be faster.

Okay, one more cat pic. I can't help it. Day #2 and I guess it looks like they'll get along just fine.


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