Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

Fun party in Hell's Kitchen (which, if you ask me, is a little too close to Times Square for comfort, but which definitely has personality -- the apt. of P.'s friend I. is practically above the famed Rudy's bar and would have a view of the ball-drop if it weren't for just one building). Amazing food, including P.'s phenomenal brie pie thing (yum!). Good people. My pictures mostly suck, which means I was having a jolly time*.

Had a small mishap beforehand. I had gotten my nails done the day before (nothing crazy about that; I do it every week or so since I have to keep them short due to contact lenses AND of course current fashion). I had opted sensibily for "Like Linen" color, which is like, um, pale linen color and anyway it looked perfectly fine. Until the next day when suddenly it turned blue-gray and I looked positively cyanotic. Perfect for Halloween. New Year's Eve? Not so much. The undead is NOT a good look for me. So back to the salon on the busiest day of the friggin year. I had to suffer through People, Us, and Star magazines (poor me, I know, but NO ONE brings a book to the salon. I'm serious.)

Good bye, 2007, maybe the worst year ever.

* Which is to say I was feeling a little awful, but only on a sort of sub-atomic level. Hard to explain...


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