Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have the aliens finally landed?

No. This is Buckminster Fuller week in the city. Panel discussions at the Center for Architecture, the opening of the Dymaxion Study Center, an installation of an authentic Fly’s Eye Dome in LaGuardia Park, and exhibitions at the Max Protetch Gallery and the Whitney Museum are just some of the happenings celebrating what would have been the architectural master’s 113th birthday. Go to the AIANY Calendar for more information and event listings. (from the AIANY website). How cool!

Oh. One more thing. Some of you know my ... unhealthy attitude toward walking and cars. If I have the right of way (walk sign) I walk. Regardless. Well, that changed today. I was on Sixth Avenue and crossing the street at Charlton when I truck made a left and came at me. It didn't slow down whatsoever and I literally had to leap (a grand jetée, if you know ballet) and the truck (a nasty old big one) missed me by millimeters. I yelled a suitable profanity mid-flight at what turned out to be a woman in the truck's cab. I was shaking as I continued my walk to the shoe repair place. So... you'll be relieved to know I've changed my tune and developed a healthy fear of motor vehicles and will never assume they don't want to kill me.

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