Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Doldrums

So humid I can barely move my fingers over the keys... Just got back from the gym, a late session. Ooooch. Many weird new exercises involving strength and balance. I pretend I'm on a balance beam over the Grand Canyon as I stand and swing one leg straight up 15 times and touch my outstretched hand. Luckily, I didn't fall in. Then I did pull-ups over a piranha-infested pool. You get the idea. Mind over matter. Mind over misery.

Over the weekend, I went with CC (the NYC one) to NYU's gym for a swim as it was really the only thing to do in 90+ degree weather. Very nice. I might join up again, though it would be a luxury I can probably ill afford.

Lost my non-license ID. Oh nooooooo. Hello DMV. Signed up for a kayak trip up the Hudson. Yay. Still feeling discombobulated. Had a horrible nightmare last night where my family had a barbecue and no one liked me and my mother was grilling a gigantic rodent. Nice!

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