Saturday, November 15, 2008


Not a lot to report. I read to W. today at Lighthouse International about NAT. Network Address Translation vis a vis IP datagram packets. It was pretty boring (especially the reciting of IP addresses number by number over and over, as examples,) but I did learn about the interesting dilemma of IPv4 and its meager 4 billion addresses capability.

Since the textbook we're reading is from, like, 1997, I'm sure this problem has been solved but since I don't know that, I can imagine an exciting and tense Y2K scenario before full implementation of IPv6. Ask me what happened to IPv5!

By the end of this reading relationship, I'm pretty sure I'll be qualified for a job at the Internet Engineering Task Force, a dream job for any modern woman.

I'm heartbroken that I can't find the thing that connects my digital camera to my computer, hence no good photos from Maine. Where I went for my birthday. Which was very nice. My iPhone pics don't do justice to the magic that is autumn in New England justice, but I tried..

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