Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mohawks and Lemon Drops

Wow, it's been a while. No wonder I have exactly zero members of the Kitlab Club even though it sounds fun and porny (see left sidebar. Please.) Highlights of this weekend included going to a party (gulp) in Queens (gulp). Yes, I'm very proud to have again gotten not only out of my house but out of the borough. Typically, that involves effort and lots of money and a plane ride. This, however, was relatively easy. Jumped on the R train with E. and got off in Forest Hills (I think), walked for what seemed like forever to finally arrive at the wonderful Chinese New Year party of kooky R. and J. (that's them, pictured)

It involved lots of amazing and occasionally scary real Chinese food, a guy with an actual spiky FOOT-HIGH mohawk, a hookah (that happened after we left), some Rock Star game via video (way beyond me) and shots of tequila (how that's appropriate I don't know but it was fun). I do lament the last lemon drop we downed at the club we dropped by just because we couldn't get enough of Queens.

At the Lighthouse this week I read aloud for two hours about Java and parallelism and object-oriented programming. Fun! And JUST the cure for a tequila-lemon drop hangover. All this tech reading is going to my head and making me a bigger (and more annoying) nerd than I was. I'm not a geek (I'm just not that adept at the tech stuff or too lazy to really learn/apply), just a nerd.

I love reading about technology, understand at least 5.3% of what I read, can use pretty much NONE of it except for cocktail party chatter or this blog... I even read tech blogs, but not even the cool ones that would stand me in good stead with my geeky friends and colleagues but the more obscure ones (today it was Life in the Startup Lane, stumbled upon through the vagaries of Web wandering). I like that the fellow is from my original hometown of Boulder. Oh, it's all so random.

Goodbye, John Updike.

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