Saturday, January 23, 2010


Highlights from solo Bahama trip: eating lunch at Skans on West Bay St. (ok food, great local atmosphere, surly waitresses) I heard, behind me, a sonorous and beautiful male voice singing Sinatra, softly. All through my meal (1/4 of a chicken club sandwich), he sang. When I left, I said hello and thank you. A handsome older man -- could've been 60 or 70s) who looked pretty much exactly like I thought he would -- or should -- sat with his friend. According to his friend, he had been tapped to sing for.. the movie Jaws! Okay, Jaws 4, but so what.

Will also always remember Max (pictured), aged 9, selling his mother's homemade soap outside her shop on Bay Street. Max is a soccer player (but really should be in sales). He warned me not to eat the soap (which really did smell eatable) because it would "put chemistry into my body."

Treated myself to a meal at 5-star restaurant Graycliff, just up the hill. Lots and lots of old-world atmosphere, most deferential and friendly staff, and good food. Not good enough for what I paid, but hey. I paid for an experience. Which was great - but needed to be shared. Oh well.

Funniest conversation involved miscommunication with my friendly cabdriver. I asked about the zoo (a ticky tacky but still wondrous place). He told me it had burned down. I proceeded to express way too much horror and shock ("Oh my god, what about the animals?!") until he told me that he was talking about The Zoo, a popular nightclub.

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