Sunday, May 27, 2007

How Many Baby Carrots Have to Die?

Well, I estimate around 53. For my carrot-ginger soup, that is. I've perfected the recipe (well, for my palate at least) and posted it back on the kitlog, if you're interested. While poking around for the original recipe (which of course I had at my fingertips, on my bookshelf, in the Joy of Cooking -- '97 ed. -- but that's so... old school) I found variations (and a shout-out here to a lovely lady in Maine or Canada, not sure which) who posted it in the version closest to what was in my head.

Which reminds me of why I'm posting again here today. What's up with the fake baby veggies? Both my healthfood store (Lifethyme) and my stupormarket (William Morton on LaGuardia Pl) sell "fresh baby spinach" lovingly encased in plastic containers (which I'm trying in vain to devise a way to re-use). Anyway, it's NOT BABY SPINACH. It's... mature, adult and occasionally over-the-hill spinach impersonating baby spinach. It's like me saying I'm 22. I'd be laughed outta town. So how come these wizzled greens are being sold as the tender, virginal microgreens that they clearly AREN'T?


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