Thursday, May 31, 2007

Save the Rhinos

So I had a bad day at work. So what. At least my entire species isn't on the precipice (well, not this week anyway). Learning that there are now, as of today, after the demise of Nadi, a rare white rhino in the San Diego Zoo, there are as few as thirteen -- 13 -- white rhinos left on this planet made me literally shudder, as if, as the old saw goes, someone just walked over my grave. But not my grave -- if I may be so hyperbolic -- the...the planet's. (OK a planet wouldn't have a grave per se but you know what I mean). It may have something to do with the fact the rhinos in general seem to me to actually be dinosaurs which I understand scientists have ruled out, but hey. I can't even touch upon the devastating fact that it is in large part due to human misdeed that these lovely warty beasts may disappear; you can read about it here.


Bob said...

Lovely warty beasts... I love that. But jeez, is it my fault that they only breed once a decade, and even then, that they sometimes use contraception -- or so I'm told.

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