Saturday, June 2, 2007

Spring Maine Trip

Finally getting around to the little trip to Maine from last last week. This spring trip to Edgecomb (I tend to hit every season at least once) began at JFK Airport where C. and I had a very pleasant and fattening breakfast in the JetBlue food court. But of course the trip can only REALLY begin at Red's Eats on Route One. We pick up fried scallops, lobster rolls, one hamburger and fries to bring home to my mom and dad as our houseguest offering; it's always very well received.

It rained every single day and was freezing so this was a stay-by-the fireplace kind of vacation. Fine by me. Reny's in Damariscotta again provided us with cheap t-shirts and, this time, some plastic lips that to everyone's hilarity worked very well with freshly cooked asparagus on a plate. You'll recall last time's focal point of fun: the giant container of cheese-balls.

Hey, you do what it takes to amuse yourself Down East, let me tell you. My newest wishlist item is a real ship's clock. They have a very cool, low and echoey "booong" sound, and you have to figure out the time (aurally) based on an 8-bells, every-half hour system: midnight (or noon) is 8 bells; 12:30 is 1 bell; 1 is 2 bells, 1:30 is 3 bells, etc. Half a lifetime growing up with these crazy clocks and I can still only identify noon, midnight, 8 pm and sometimes 10.


bobbybobabyboy said...

Lobster, asparagus, slices of lemon and what????? Fake candy teeth??? What kind of madhouse is this???

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