Saturday, June 2, 2007

cover of Harper's Magazine

I love Harper's Magazine -- especially their "Findings" page, which never fails to produce at least one belly laugh and the occasional tear, general bemusement and head-scratching, and a few rare "well, duhs." See if you can peg the following, from a small sampling in the most recent issue:

The Good News
Researchers successfully grew sperm from human bone marrow, which could theoretically lead to a future in which pairs of lesbian mothers can produce their own daughters without the intervention of a male. And a study found that many people who are diagnosed with depression are really just sad.

The Bad News
A British study concluded that job stress can lead to overeating. And experts said that the human papilloma virus could cause mouth cancer in people who perform oral sex but stressed that people need not change their behavior.

News That I Don't Know What to Do With
Physicists observed electrons tunneling out of their atoms.


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