Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Procrastihedging: It's Personal... the Political

A very smart acquaintance (ok, it was my brother, a professor in Maine who's wicked smart) recently implied that one (me) could be more political on one's blog. Which is a very good point. Not only are many blogs (I'd just love to know what %) political in nature -- so the expectation is there -- but he knows me to be a strongly opinionated creature when it comes to politics. Can you tell I'm procrastihedging? Yes, well.

You know I'm a card-carrying member of the ACLU (not, of course, that I agree with everything they propose) but hey, I'm pretty much over yonder to the left in a vehement but practical kind of way. So anyway, to be completely honest, I get overwhelmed. Not only by thinking about the overwhelmingly ghastly current state of affairs vis a vis the Bush administration, but also by the massive amount of really, really good political discourse going on in the blogosphere (and, of course, in print and to a seriously lesser degree, other media like tv and radio). In a nutshell: I can't compete. I can't keep up with the news, let alone process it and synthesize and report out to the world here. Others do it better. Others write better and think better. Others aggregate other writers' sites better. And yes, I AM lazy but that's... not it.

And now for something cool and fun.


Anonymous said...

This clip is so cool!

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