Friday, May 4, 2007

Cry Me a River

My new route to work takes me down the west side of Manhattan along the Hudson River and serves to remind me why I live here. I love rivers, I love wide rivers with historic pasts (though I guess any major body of water has some sort of "historic" past but you know what I mean). I could live in Kentucky if I were situated on a hill looking down on a river. The ocean is better, but rivers do it for me too. They put me in a state of contemplative, just-this-side-of-melancholy meditation (a good state for me).

The photo here is evidence of what must be considered progress, again, in the realm of beautification. Not much to look at now (and kind of post-apocalyptic in a cool kinda way) but this is just part of "Segment 3" of the sprucing up of the 550 acres of Hudson River park, which includes 400 acres of open water that will, according to the Friends of Hudson River Park, provide an exciting public venue for boating, touring, fishing, swimming and many other activities.


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