Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hometown Oysters

Imagine my delight at finding, in the lovely script on the specials menu at Blue Ribbon Sushi (Sullivan St., Manhattan): Oysters from Edgecomb, Maine. That's my hometown. It's where I grew up and where my parents still live. It's quite rural, an hour north of Portland, just a by-way kind of town between Wiscasset (the "prettiest village in Maine," which, by the way, it actually isn't but is still quite comely) and Damariscotta (home of the famous Reny's).

These oysters, from Glidden Point, to be exact, may well have been the best I've ever had. Sweet, exceptionally fresh and tender and served nicely with a jot of lemon and a barely perceptible twist-tie of spring onion. These wonderful morsels more than made up for the obnoxious septet of (had to be) sales guys on someone's expense account, all gigantic and fat and super-loud. The staff tried to seat them in the "special" boxed in area but no luck. Yuck.


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