Sunday, June 24, 2007

Skywriting Dreams

Okay, here's one for the dream analysts. After waking up at 8 am (!) on Sunday (!!) to deal with the hyperactive cats, I went back to bed and dreamed... That I was somewhere in an unfamiliar but rather beautiful hilly suburb. I looked up to see a skywriting plane languidly lettering across the blue and I suddenly realized that it was not just advertising or a "Marry me, Kit!" (wonder where THAT came from) but a conversation. A chat. Like a Google Talk or Yahoo IM. But in the sky! I was mesmerized. Metachat. How 'bout that. Oh -- and then Petey my cat changed into Doris from Everybody Loves Raymond (which I've seen maybe once) and I couldn't get him back and then someone was strangling me but then I woke up and O. Henry the kitten had draped himself across my neck like a small cat-scarf.


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