Sunday, August 24, 2008

Observations (with a video)

Just a few quick things to share, as I am a VERY BUSY WOMAN these days. Someone in my building was moving out this weekend. First there was a tell-tale "Ab Rocket" (whatever that is) -- or a piece of it -- in the vestibule. The next day, there was a dusty VCR (picture, right). Later that afternoon, a framed black and white poster from the movie "Swingers." I tried in my head to put together a "profile" of the person(s) in question but I was laughing too hard to get anywhere.

Today, I exit my apartment and am confronted (well, they were down the hall, near the vestibule and I'd need to walk by them) by the two most enormo guys. Not scary-big or pudgy but FAT as all get out, with gigantic twin beer bellies. Now, you know I don't like to make fun of others less svelte than I, but.... Later on, the poster was gone (!) but there was another (supposed) piece of the Ab Rocket laying there for the super to haul away.

Observation: at 9 am on a Sunday it's just too early to see a young black man singing Tommy James and the Shondells' "I Think We're Alone Now" (we're talking 1967 here, people) at full volume, completely out of tune, while walking briskly up the street.

And I'm playing with some new software to get "the Ken Burn's Effect" (ha) with still photos in video format. You'd never know I went to film school. But it's not horrible for a first try. Well, now that I've seen it posted, it kinda looks like crap. I don't think I'll ever get the optimization right. Oh well.

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