Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back in the real world

Spent yesterday on the flip side of the neighborhood street fair, assisting neighbor Ann at a table at the popular 10th Street Fair. It's an interesting position, deciding how you're going to sell -- friendly? Hard sell? Ignore people until they want a price or have a question? I mostly went with the latter. Street fairs (like extended stoop sales, not the ubiquitous smoothies and socks affairs) attract the most interesting people. I met a few, including a guy who got really riled that a videotape of A Streetcar Named Desire demanded $3 not $2.

As a buyer, I got in a tiff with an obnoxious and possibly insane woman over a very cool jewelry set (clear marbles set in thin black metal as 2 necklaces, a ring and drop earrings). Right before I claimed them, she grabbed an earring and said she wanted it and the ring and then dropped it and pretended she couldn't find it. The seller agreed that I was the first to claim the set and then the woman offered me $100 for it. I declined and got the hell away from her.

Captured below: the coat I coveted. I watched from across the street all day (a plush, rose-colored fake-fur Fendi) and kept thinking I'd buy it -- and then suddenly Sarah, who had been volunteering with me -- was wearing it. She who hesitates... loses the fake-fur Fendi. Oh well.

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