Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bangor, Maine to the New York Island

Cool beans! The state of Maine represents on the cool WORLD HUM "Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet" site, which in a recent feature maps songs to cities around the world. Maine gets Roger Miller's 1965 classic "King of the Road" (#14 on the site's top travel songs)..... “Third boxcar, midnight train, Destination, Bangor, Maine.”

New York gets an moldy-oldy but a goodie: Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" (# 8)...... “This land is your land, this land is my land.. From California, to the New York Island.”

And a shout-out to Buffalo from... The Grateful Dead! You should be able to figure that one out..

Other personal faves include Ireland (Irish Rover, by the Clancy Bros) and Istanbul (Istanbul by They Might Be Giants). Okay, maybe the songs aren't exactly cutting edge but... then there's "When I Paint My Masterpiece, Bob Dylan: “Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubble, Ancient footprints are everywhere.You can almost think that you're seein' double, On a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs.” Don't know the song but love the lyrics. Thanks, Bob.

More cool things from the site: Ry Cooder's "El Mirage and Los Angeles"... via the NY Times, with a neat slideshow... "When Ry Cooder and I got to El Mirage Dry Lake, it was 110 degrees and heading to 117, hot enough to cook your head inside your hat. The Mojave Desert in daylight will cut the gizzard right out of you, Tom Joad once said, which is why the Okies crossed it at night."

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