Friday, December 19, 2008

Thin Ice

We had our first major snowstorm here today and people are just as wimpy as always in New York City. The newscasters wax hysteric, everything closes early, etc. No biggie. But I hate being one of the casualties. In the rain and muck and snow and sleet and darkness I decided to run about 20 errands after work. Glutton for punishment, I know. UPS came through with 1 out of 2 packages I need (yay), the item in the store I'd been eyeing for X was still there (yay) and THEN I fell down.

Trying to magically run through a puddle in the dark crossing 6th Avenue at Spring Street. It looked to be 2" deep, then soon proved to be more like 4" with a nice little layer of ice on the bottom. Down I went with a muddy splash and unrepentant and really loud "Shit!" Sopping gloves, bruised knee, I carried on.

Homebound at last, I amused myself with the TV weather reports and how racist they can be. "There's a lot of black guys covering the Henry Hudson, dangerous black guys." They were saying "black ice" but I kept hearing it wrong. "Slippery black guys is the cause of more than 50 accidents so far on the LIE..." "Black guys, as always, is a danger in the city and on the highways tonight."

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