Sunday, December 28, 2008


That's right, paisley. There simply doesn't seem to be enough of it around these days. Wow, since I was bored and needed some... paisley, I googled it and landed on the End Times Deliverance Ministry, a site that seems to be run by crazy people who think paisley is the devil's work. Yes! And I quote:

"Paisley print is something you see on ties, shirts, blouses, dresses, curtains, rugs, furniture, etc. If you wear it or have it, you may be carrying around and attracting some demons, which could be the cause of some of your "problems".

Okaaay. Useful information, that. Anyway, Christmas in Maine was nice and low-key this year. No singing poinsettias, alas (mom had given it to B., J's father-in-law, who took it to the cape and then put it back in J.'s car, if I have the story straight.) I learned that if your dear, dear relatives ask you what you want for Christmas and you say socks, you WILL GET SOCKS. Which rocks, since I needed them.

I flew Delta this time -- and for the last time. It began with the too-loud bad holiday music blaring into the tiny cramped plane owned and operated by Freedom Air (whatev) who apparently "Support our troops in the Middle East." Um, okay. Does that really need to be on the side of your plane? I mean, I support each individual troop and wish them all well, but don't exactly support them being there. Okay, so then the radio/tape player whatever goes kerflooey with static and skipping and I actually have to ask the stewardess to turn it OFF. I'm also not enamored of the JFK Delta terminal at ALL, with its nine miles walk to the gate. On the way back, our checked-in luggage awaits us... at an entirely different terminal! JetBlue, I'm back, I'll never leave you again.

That said, I hope every one I know and love had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year... and not a moment too soon.

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