Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Reportings

Finally, Friday. Though it just means that more work looms on the horizon: moving the 300+ books my mother painstakingly dusted and moved and organized, since the new sofa is unlikely to be squeezed past the near end of it. DANG.

Painting the bathroom again in that lovely shade of sunny yellow that makes me look like I'm 37% better-looking to myself than I really am (don't want to think too much about that.)

The only music I can listen to while doing all this stuff is the Beatles and James Taylor's funkier stuff ("Honey, Don't Leave L.A.")

I didn't even mention the coolest thing, from a couple weeks ago. Was lucky enough to attend the Food & Wine magazine's 2009 Best New Chefs event at the great City Winery space. Star sightings: from Top Chef, that cute Italian guy and the bald guy who won and his gal-pal on the show. Plus Harold Dieterle from Season One and Ethan Suplee, the ... slow guy from "My Name is Earl." The food was ... there aren't words. You can read more at the Food & Wine page or New York magazine.

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