Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going with Google.. for now

We did an experiment today comparing Bing and Google. We searched for "Mouse Island Maine." Pretty straightforward, right? Bing returned 2,750,00 results, with the second one being "Naked Photos in Mouse Island, Maine, United States - World's Largest Site for Sex Seekers, Swingers, & Adult Dating!" Um, ew.

Google returned 271,000 results and all on the first page are about, well, Mouse Island, Maine.
Going with Google. For now.

Plus one link led to MyTopo, which seems cool if you're into custom maps.

* * *

Spent last two of a four-hour stint (the last until Fall) reading at the Lighthouse -- another lovely session with Dr. Richard Smith, noted African musicologist. I might have encountered him in Brooklyn if I'd managed to attend the Fema Kuti (son of Fela) concert this week, as he did and I had meant to. Darn. We went over latest pages of his book (nearly up to 300 pages) which is just fascinating and really well written. I volunteered to help with the second-phase editing process and he noted my interest on his ever-present tape recorder -- so here's hoping; I'd be honored.

First two hours were spent with W. and his new iPhone. The accessibility features (Apple's VoiceOver) are rather impressive. We also explored how to develop iPhone apps.

Bought a copy of Italo Calvino's The Baron in the Trees to re-read so Sunday is: laundry, gym, and arboreal fantasy.

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