Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today's Dog!

I can't bear how I can't make this page not look like something the cat threw up. I know I could if I tinkered with the html but I just don't have the patience. Apologies... again.

You know when I post just pictures of dogs that I'm not really inspired or happy. And, unlike most people around here it's NOT the weather. My newfound paparrazo friend has disappeared but I did meet a very nice man after finding his license on the street and googling him and finding his old hedge fund company and leaving a message which was passed on to him post-haste. Love that.. He's Iranian and likes to party. Hence the lost (and found) license.

Found a great clothing boutique, Runway Soho (425 Broome St.) where they will alter designs to your liking (at least, in my case, remove epaulettes and make a medium shirt) for the original price and done, supposedy, within a week or so. How cool!

Read to W. yesterday about algorithms and sorting: bubble sort and selection sort and insertion sort. It's all very, very theoretical to me (which I like) and I think I've learned the best way to sort my books and socks, algorithmically speaking. We avoided the actual code (which I don't like so much, especially reading aloud). We tired of sorting after a while so we browsed through's selection of spy novels (Vincent Flynn, Gayle Lynds). I tried to talk W. out of applying to the CIA before he gets his masters but he's chomping at the bit.

Listening to: Markus Shafer, Miene Seele ruhmt und preist: Aria. Just beautiful.

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